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How To’s: 10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Followers



Are you also curious to know how to grow your Facebook followers? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. Read on as we uncover ten ways to safely and legitimately grow your following on Facebook to strengthen your brand recognition.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

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The first essential step is to identify who is the exact audience you want to serve. If you’re going to target everyone, your marketing efforts wouldn’t be as effective.

Having a target audience allows you to send the right message to the right people and develop more effective campaigns. As a result, you can generate leads efficiently and cost-effectively and boost engagement.

2. Share Valuable Content

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If you want to know how to grow your Facebook followers, think of meaningful content. People are likely to follow your page if they are gaining something valuable from it.

Share helpful tips and tricks about a relevant subject and relatable and funny memes from time to time. Keep your content genuine and engaging to hook new followers and keep existing ones.

3. Publish Content Regularly

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It’s not enough that you post valuable and relatable content. You have to publish your content consistently, too. 

A good Facebook marketing strategy follows a detailed schedule. It ensures improved customer engagement and lets your audience know there is a human managing the account.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few Facebook post ideas you can try:

  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Video content
  • Share stories
  • Infographics
  • Discounts and sales
  • Industry tips
  • Ask questions

4. Leverage Paid and Targeted Ads

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If you wish to grow your Facebook following quickly, running paid ads is an effective way. Here’s great news: You can launch a Facebook ad in under 20 minutes.

First, identify your target audience by selecting several demographic factors. Doing so allows you to hit the right people and generate the results you’re aiming for.

Then, select your goals. For instance, you can choose Engagement and Page Likes. Finally, review your ad and the estimated number of likes your page will get based on your allocated budget. If everything looks great, you can proceed with publishing the ad.

5. Launch Contests and Giveaways

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Launching contests and giveaways is another excellent way to grow your Facebook following. You can require a user to follow and repost your content to enter the contest.

In effect, more people will see and engage with your content every time a new user reposts it. When more Facebook users grow interested in your promotions and notice you’re doing it often, chances are they’ll continue to engage with your page.

6. Add Calls to Action

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Adding a call to action (CTA) is also an effective strategy to grow your Facebook followers. If you’re going to share your blogs on your Facebook page, make sure that your blog articles have CTA buttons at the end of them.

For example, you can add a CTA that would ask readers to follow your page to keep updated when a new blog is published. You can also add a CTA button that encourages readers to share the blog on their Facebook page or relevant groups.

7. Encourage Page Likes

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If you’re already posting valuable content, doing it consistently, and running ads, you can step it up further by manually inviting your page likers to become followers.

It’s a simple yet effective strategy for growing your Facebook following without any cost. And the best part is, it has an estimated 10% success rate.

8. Do Live Streams

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Live streams provide an excellent way to let your audience see and get to know you or your brand better. One thing you can do to generate more Facebook followers is to utilize Facebook Live.

Some users hop on this Facebook feature and play their original compositions or share their new product offerings. It’s also an excellent platform for engaging with your audience and making them feel more connected to you.

9. Join Interest Groups

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Interest groups gather people with the same enthusiasm about a particular subject. Joining these groups allows you to expand your network and connection.

You’ll most likely find groups with the same interest as your business. Join those communities and participate in conversations. 

Once you engage people within those groups, chances are they’ll ask where they can learn more. You can then direct them to your Facebook Page and ask for a follow. 

10. Partner with Influencers

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Influencer marketing is still a powerful strategy. You can reach out to influencers like fashion bloggers and ask them if they’re up for a collaboration.

Some influencers are good with exchange deals, while others provide rates. If you’re on a tight budget, consider niche fan pages instead.

You’d be surprised to discover they amass big audiences, too. And the wonderful thing about them is they’re usually cheaper than many influencers.

Wrapping Up

Now, you have a guide on how to grow your Facebook followers. Your next step is to try these out and see what works for you. 

*Cover Photo/Thumbnail Photo from Pexels

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