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We’ve all heard about conspiracy theories at some point. Some can be historically convincing as the New World Order with the Illuminati and Freemasons that has been heard of for centuries.

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Although, these stories are sometimes linked to more incredulous theories — such as the talks behind the Reptilian Elite.

In this article, we’ll talk about this group of people, or rather, shapeshifting, extraterrestrial beings that are said to have been controlling the world.

What is the Reptilian Elite Theory?

Have you heard something about an international business tycoon being called an alien? Or maybe a famous celebrity is seen transforming into some sort of a reptile?

If so, you’ve probably come across the Reptilian Elite conspiracy.

The Reptilian Elite, also simply called reptilians, or lizard people, are said to be a group of shapeshifting, extraterrestrial beings that are taking control of the world. They are described as bloodsucking, flesh-eating, lizard-like creatures, or reptiles, hence the name.

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Those who assume the reptilian conspiracy to be true say that these humanoids use vibration to take the forms of a human being. 

Theory believers are convinced that these secret lizard people are here to govern and enslave the human race. They take the form of our leaders, politicians, even the award-winning, well-loved celebrities, and the richest of the rich.

People are saying that these famous reptilians work on their evil deeds while distracting us through entertainment and wars. Baseless claims say that they are the conspirators behind the biggest tragedies in the history of the world like the Holocaust and the 9/11 attacks.

Linked to the Illuminati and Freemasons, the reptilians are thought to be geared toward world domination while keeping us ignorant and naive.

History of the Reptilian Elite

The reptilian conspiracy theory became popular in 1998 when David Icke, an infamous conspiracy theorist, published his first book The Biggest Secret. In his book, Icke interpreted Gnostic texts as having evidence that Archons, or vibrational beings, walk the earth as humans hiding their reptilian form.

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It is said that this group of reptiles came from a dragon-shaped constellation called Draco or Draconis. Icke claims that these reptiles, also called ‘Annunaki’, have been controlling humankind since ancient times. Believers also say that these aliens have since been breeding with humans, mixing their DNA to slowly infiltrate our society.

Icke named famous politicians, royalty, and actors as part of the reptilian elite.

Do people actually believe it?

Wild as this idea may seem, apparently, yes: many people believe this theory.

In fact, a whopping 12 million people in the US actually believe that lizard people are ruling their country. That’s 4% of the American population in 2013, believing lizard people are real, based on a poll.

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Several sources are trying to explain why people accept this conspiracy theory as true. Research suggests that “feelings of powerlessness and uncertainty are associated with a tendency to believe in conspiracies.”

The reptilian brain

It is no surprise then, that believing in a conspiracy theory is not based on facts or logic.

But some people push it.

In this case, we have what we call a human being’s “reptilian brain,” which some also link to the reptilian elite conspiracy.

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The idea stems from neuroscientist Paul MacLean’s well-known brain model structure. He tells about the basal ganglia, the brain structure that is in control of our innate and automatic behavioral patterns, self-preservation, and human survival, likening human instinct to that of reptiles. This reptilian brain is also the one responsible for aggression, dominance, and territoriality. 

One problem that arises from illogical beliefs such as the reptilian elite conspiracy is that it is an endless spiral of false claims. When one rational person challenges this theory, believers will convince themselves that evidence against the reptilian elite would be difficult to prove given the omnipotence of the individuals. That one cannot see them because they can just transform and hide their real identity.

And when one believes such misinformation, it would be easier to accept other baseless claims as true. Thus, the endless cycle of conspiracy theories.

On one hand, humanity should be given more credit. It is not right to simply blame a select few individuals for all the evil deeds that have been going around.

But who knows…. They might or might not be living among us.

*Cover Photo/Thumbnail Photo from Pixabay



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