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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Notice at the MMFF 2022 Float Parade



Different happenings before, during, and after the MMFF 2022 Float Parade were as lively as the unique well-decorated wagons. While you were busy zooming in on your favorite Filipino celebrity or simply checking out which float’s the best, here are 7 interesting things at the event:

1. Vice Ganda crossed over to the other float

Photo: Byx Almacen

Third in line, the Partners in Crime cast members were complete by 4pm, so they had to wait for those in front of them, with their respective entourage, to move first. While their float was still in place, Vice Ganda climbed the float in front of him, which belongs to My Teacher, where Toni Gonzaga was. He gave her a warm hug and this ended finally ended the public speculation that the two had a tiff because of they had opposite political colors the previous election.

2. Deleter’s float is the longest 

Photo by Showbiz Beat Media

“Tabi muna kayo at baka kayo ang madelete,” joked Candy Pangilinan, one of the two hosts of the main programme of the MMFF 2022 Float Parade, as the very solid-looking wagon made its way to the front of the stage, and then to the final exit point. True enough, the thing’s so humongous that it took a while before it can complete its turn around the bend, and a bit slower than the others.

3. Ivana Alawi was most likely the earliest A-lister entertaining selfies

Photo by Showbiz Beat Media

She posed, smiled, waved to people, and even let media members get up close and personal with her to take selfies. She’s already up on the float around half-past 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and she even had her hair done there. Even though she has 16.1M followers on Youtube, she did not put on any airs and made sure she entertained people, even going the extra mile by dancing to the music energetically, while waiting for her co-star, Vice Ganda.

4. Nanahimik ang Gabi float didn’t really use wood

“Actually goma lang siya,” said Marielle Hizon, who designed the float. If on will not touch it, it really looks like a wooden house embellished with skulls. Marielle also did the production design for the erotic thriller and explained that it took a week to finish the wagon’s concept and design. She said she chose this motif because all throughout the movie, the characters are kind of trapped inside the house.

5. Jake Cuenca “revenge-undressed” during his performance

Photo by Showbiz Beat Media

If there is such a thing as revenge dressing, then, by all means, revenge fashion where one does not have anything on (may it be upper or lower body) should be called “revenge-undressing”. We are not mind readers but Jake throwing away his shirt after singing and revealing his godly musculature may be some sort of vengeance for casting him in 40-something dad roles. Well, everyone can call him daddy now but he’ll be the one to bless them.

6. Both the leads of Family Matters and Mamasapano weren’t there

Photo by Showbiz Beat Media

Just like the unpredictable weather these days, there are some schedule changes that can’t be helped. Noel Trinidad and Liza Lorena, both in their senior years, weren’t able to participate in the MMFF 2022 Float Parade, as well as Aljur Abrenica, Edu Manzano and Paolo Gumabao of Mamasapano. The said thespians, with the exception of Edu, were present in their respective premiere nights. So no, no one’s boycotting anything.

7. Partners in Crime had the most major cast members present

Photo by Showbiz Beat Media

If one would actually play detective and check out how many major cast members are present during the MMFF Parade of Stars when it’s a Vice Ganda-starrer, one would discover that all of his films had stellar attendance. Whether if it’s because of Meme Vice actually requiring them to be there, or it’s Star Cinema’s call, or it’s just pure coincidence, this kind of attendance is unquestionably exemplary.

The MMFF 2022 Float Parade took place 4 o’clock in the afternoon 21st of December 2022, mainly at Quezon Avenue, Quezon City Circle, España Blvd. and some streets in Sampaloc, Manila. The MMFF 2022 Awards Night (aka Gabi ng Parangal) will take place on the 27th of December at the New Frontier Theater in Quezon City.

The eight films in the competition are as follows: Nanahimik ang Gabi, Deleter, Partners in Crime, Family Matters, My Father Myself, Labyu with an Accent, My Teacher, and Mamasapano: Now It Can Be Told.

*Cover Photo/Thumbnail Photo from Showbiz Beat Media



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